Secure technology

The Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) is New Zealand’s national authority for communications security (COMSEC). COMSEC is the technology and processes used to protect our most sensitive data through advanced, high-grade encryption. COMSEC is the primary means of maintaining the integrity of highly classified New Zealand communications.

High-grade encryption

Encryption is the process of scrambling or coding data so it can be read only by someone with the means to return it to its original state. Our Cryptographic Solutions & Development team provides high-grade encryption products and support to government agencies and selected commercial entities above the RESTRICTED classification level.

Our Cryptographic Solutions & Development team:

  • Develops and maintains sovereign cryptographic systems and solutions that protect classified information;
  • Procures, produces and distributes both national and international partners' cryptographic keying material and codes;
  • Enables the procurement, use and accounting of cryptographic equipment and communications material;
  • Develops national cryptographic policy, standards and guidelines;
  • Provides training and guidance on the operation of the cryptographic equipment;
  • Provides a national communications security (COMSEC) audit and compliance service for New Zealand Government cryptographic material; and
  • Ensures that high-grade cryptographic solutions stay at pace with emerging technology and threats.

Technical security and emanations security

Our technical security services focus on countering unauthorised surveillance techniques like eavesdropping and video surveillance.

Our emanations security services focus on preventing the spread of unintentional signals from ICT equipment. These signals can be intercepted and interpreted by hostile actors.

Site visits and inspections

Our inspections provide technical services and advice. We check to make sure these facilities are free from vulnerabilities that would allow unauthorised access to information.

We can visit sites to inspect their systems and technology for attempts to access or compromise their security.

Recommendations about accrediting sites and systems

We make recommendations to the Director-General of the GCSB on accrediting highly classified information systems and sites. The Director-General is the New Zealand Government’s accreditation authority for these systems and sites.