Phone scammers claiming to be from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)

The NCSC is concerned that a cold call telephone scam appears to be using its name to gain access to people’s information.

The recent calls are a variation on known scams where people are contacted by scammers, alleging to be from an official organisation or reputable supplier, in an effort to get access to computer systems or personal information which can then be used for illegal activity.

We are aware of a small number of cases where this has occurred and encourage people to exercise caution when receiving cold calls.

Our primary role is to provide enhanced cyber security services to government agencies and nationally significant organisations.

The NCSC does not generally contact private individuals or organisations seeking personal information. If we do, you can verify that the call is legitimate by asking for the caller’s name, then getting in touch with the NCSC using the information on our Contact page on our website.

If you are suspicious about a call, hang up immediately.  If someone asks you to log on to your computer and either follow some steps they describe, or give them remote access to your computer, hang up.

If you think you have been targeted a scam you can report it to CERT NZ or Netsafe.