2016-17 Unclassified Cyber Threat Report

The National Cyber Security Centre has produced an unclassified cyber threat report for the 2016-17 reporting year. 

The report highlights achievements, including completing the roll out of our CORTEX cyber defensive capabilities, and identifies some of the key cyber threats impacting on New Zealand’s important systems and networks. 

It notes that advanced cyber threats have the potential to cause $640m harm annually to New Zealand’s organisations of national significance and that the operation of the NCSC’s cyber defence capabilities reduced harm by $39.47m in the 2016–17 year. 

The report also notes that the NCSC recorded 396 incidents for the 2016-17 year, an increase of 58 over the previous year. The increase reflects the evolving threat landscape and the NCSC’s increased capacity to detect and respond to threats. 

Given the NCSC’s primary focus on nationally significant organisations and cyber threats with the potential to have a high impact, these numbers reflect only a small proportion of the total cyber harm occurring in New Zealand.