July 2016 NZ Information Security Manual

Changes include new sections in Chapter 11; Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Access Control Systems, new content in section 11.2 on printer cartridge memory chips, new paragraphs on Access control in section 16.1 and new rationale and controls for section 19.5 Incident Handling and Management along with other minor and editorial updates.

In addition some new definitions of terms commonly used in the NZISM have been added as points of clarification and to aid policy interpretation as well as minor wording changes for the purposes of clarification.

The document remains in two parts for this release. 

You can view the July 2016 NZISM parts 1 & 2 and the July 2016 Change Register here.

Comments and suggestions for improvements are welcome.  Please direct these to ism@gcsb.govt.nz


The July 2016 NZISM has been superceded.  Go to NZISM(external link) for the latest version of this document.