About NCSC

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is part of the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB). The functions of the NCSC and the GCSB form part of NZ Cyber Security Strategy released in December 2015.

Our role is to protect New Zealand’s most significant organisations from cyber borne threats. 

We focus on providing specialist security advice and support to New Zealand’s most significant organisations and information systems.  This includes government departments, key economic generators, niche exporters, research institutions and operators of critical national infrastructure. 

We assist these entities to protect their networks from the types of threats which are typically beyond the capability of commercially available tools, and from threats which could potentially impact on the effective functioning of government administration or key economic sectors. 

The NCSC works in close cooperation with other agencies including, CERT NZ, to protect New Zealand from advanced cyber threats.

While CERT NZ has a primary responsibility for cyber threat reporting, and a coordination role in threat response, NCSC takes the lead in the response to significant cyber events — particularly those which may impact on national security, and our nationally significant systems and information.



The establishment of CERT NZ will help ensure New Zealanders and organisations across the broad spectrum of the New Zealand economy are able to access information and advice to assist prevention and mitigate cyber threats. 

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