About us

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is part of the Government Communications Security Bureau. Our role is to help New Zealand’s most significant public and private sector organisations to protect their information systems from advanced cyber-borne threats.

We work with government departments, key economic generators, niche exporters, research institutions and operators of critical national infrastructure.

Our focus is on detecting and disrupting cyber threats that are typically beyond the capability of commercially available products and services.

What we do

The NCSC deals with advanced cyber threats that have the potential to affect New Zealand’s national security or the economy. The range of cyber intrusions targeting this country for financial gain or other advantage is increasing. We are not alone – this is a growing international problem.

  • We supply advanced cyber threat detection and disruption (CORTEX) capabilities and services to organisations of national significance.
  • We respond to high-impact cyber incidents at national level.
  • Our cyber threat analysis is shared with our customers and partners.
  • We foster a mature security culture based on standards set out in the Government’s Protective Security Requirements and the NZ Information Security Manual.