Telephone scammers using NCSC name

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is aware of scammers telephoning people claiming to be from the NCSC. These scammers attempt to gain remote access to computers, personal information or to get some form of payment.

The NCSC’s role is to provide enhanced cyber security services to government agencies and nationally significant organisations.   Staff from the NCSC do not usually contact private individuals or organisations seeking personal information or access to devices. NCSC staff will never ask for any form of payment or financial information.

These telephone calls are versions of known scams where people are contacted by scammers, claiming to be from an official organisation or reputable supplier, in an effort to obtain money or access to computer systems and information which can then be used for illegal activity.

More information about telephone and online scams is available at:

Anyone contacted by scammers claiming to be from the NCSC should not provide any information and should report the contact to Netsafe.

If you have allowed the callers to remotely access your computer you should follow the advice provided by CERT NZ