Sophos - Security Threat Report 2012

Increasingly online security threats are a growing concern for organisations across the globe. Recent trends observed include widespread sustained attacks on networks and the evolution of sophisticated techniques to penetrate digital defences and steal sensitive data. In addition, the growing popularity of new technologies like mobile devices, cloud services and virtualisation technologies, have encouraged cyber actors to diversify their methods and targets to take advantage of new vulnerabilities as they arise. In 2011, Sophos also reported a surge in attacks carried out as a form of protest action, commonly through website defacements, data theft or denial-of-service attacks conducted against both public and private organisations, in order to convey their message.

The 2012 Sophos Security Threat report provides useful insight into the ever-changing online security environment in 2011 as well as highlighting residual vulnerabilities still found in organisations which if addressed can significantly reduce the risks of a successful cyber-attack. The report can be downloaded from from the Sophos website.