NCSC Security Advisory – NCSC-ADV-2015-0243

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) advises that it is noting an increase in attacks employing a variety of known Exploit Kits which have infected websites in New Zealand.

Exploit kits are a type of malicious toolkit used to exploit security holes found in browsers and browser plug-ins (Adobe Flash, for example) for the purpose of spreading malware. 

Exploit kits pose a serious threat to all computer users ranging from private users to corporate networks.  Exploit kits can be more difficult to detect as they are often triggered by visiting legitimate, compromised web pages.  

It is most important to ensure that browsers and browser plug-ins are updated regularly to the latest versions.  Antivirus applications and signatures should also be kept up to date. 

NCSC has noted the following redirect sites hosting exploit kits, and where possible these should be blocked by network administrators:

The following IP addresses have been noted as hosting exploit kits. Communication to the following IP addresses may indicate exploit kit activity but blocking should only be considered on a case by case basis as IP addresses may have multiple users or be reassigned.

The NCSC can be contacted by email via or by phone on: 04 498 7654.