NCSC name used in new twist on telephone scam

Telephone scammers have used the National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) name in a new twist on a known scam.

The NCSC has received a report of scammers telephoning a private number alleging the subscriber has been visiting “illegal websites”, and seeking personal information such as physical address and IP address.

A spokesperson for the NCSC says the Centre provides enhanced services to government agencies and nationally significant organisations to assist them to defend against cyber-borne threats.

“We do not contact private individuals or organisations, seeking personal information. This is just another version of known scams where people are contacted by scammers, alleging to be from an official organisation or reputable supplier, in an effort to get access to computer systems or personal information which can then be used for illegal activity,” the spokesperson says.

More information about telephone and online scams is available at:

Anyone contacted by scammers alleging to be from the NCSC should not provide any information and should report the contact to Netsafe.