December 2017 New Zealand Information Security Manual

The New Zealand Information Security Manual (NZISM) has been updated to include new guidance on audit evidence, cable trays and clarification on emergency procedures.

The December 2017 NZISM v2.7 updates the previous edition NZISM v2.6 which was published in July 2017.

Changes include new paragraphs on Audit Evidence (Section 4.3); Cable Trays (Section 10.1); and updates to Emergency procedures (Section 5.7).  Extensive work has also been done in updating Section 23.2 Glossary of Terms, including new terms such as Accountable material and Codewords.  

A large number of supporting amendments and other minor and editorial updates have also been completed as points of clarification and to aid policy interpretation, as well as minor wording changes for the purposes of clarification.

All new materials and amendments are designed to simplify approaches while maintaining existing levels of governance and assurance.